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Image by Aaron Huber
Video Game Console Blue

I learned to DJ way back in my high school years. While a lot has changed with MP3s replacing records and DJ controllers hokked-up to laptops replacing turntables, one thing hasn't changed -- the thrill of mixing some killer beats. Here you can find my latest live streams on Twitch, my latest megamixes on SoundCloud, and a streamable/downloadable archive of my previous work.

After discovering the amazing world of craft beer in 2014, I decided to try my hand at homebrewing a year later. Here you can find my beer ratings on Untappd as well as some product reviews, my latest recipes, brew sessions, and the laundry list of equpiment that I had to acquire to make it all possible.

Yes, I'm still into video games. And today, they are better than ever. This section contains recent game captures along with my legacy "Widescreen Gaming List" circa 2004. It contains various "hacks" to get older PC games to run in a widescreen resolution such as "16:9". It also has Grids and Test Patterns for various resolutions.

Here you can check out some select photos I've taken during my travels over the years.

I've been a long-time fan of German sports cars, including BMW Motorsport and more recently Mercedes-AMG. This section currently contains a legacy DIY guide on how to enable the outer ring LEDs on BMW E46 M3s.

Being an engineer, I like to tinker and fix things. Truth is, I've always had a fascination with taking things apart since I was a child. Here, you can see some various projects and DIY guides I've published.

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